Hier landen am Ende alle Überraschungen, die auf der Hauptseite keine Heimat finden konnten und uns doch viel zu wertvoll sind, um lieblos in der Versenkung zu verschwinden.
Das können einzelne witzige Fotos sein, kleine Berichte, Buch Besprechungen und vieles mehr.
Unter anderem habe ich den beiden in Almeria gedrehten TV Serien "Kara Ben Nemsi Effendi" und "Auf Achse" eine goldene Wildcard ausgestellt. 

Knackige Erdnüsse locker in die Menge gestreut

Paco ("Mercenario") wanted in "Red Sun"?

East Clintwood - Unknown Actor? / Vado...l'ammazzo e torno

Most websides dealing with Western Movies have interesting columns about Directors, actors etc - We need one too, a special one: ANIMAL STARS
"Zanna Bianca" White Fang - Mitsah
Franco Nero discussing a scene with "White Fang" (a German Shepherd) in the Lucio Fulci 
Adventure "White Fang" ("Zanna Bianca"). Between both "White Fang" movies,
Co-Star Raimund Harmstorf mentioned in an interview, that he is really looking forward for the reunion with "his" dog, that he liked so much in the first "White Fang" movie. 
A limited souvenir book released by Director Peter Schamoni for "Potato Fritz" - Full of great photos and informations!
Stephen Boyd Christiane Gött - Henry
The 8 months old brownbear "Henry" was the beloved Star of the whole "Potato Fritz"-Crew
in Spain. Always hungry, always funny. He actually came from the Zoo in Nürnberg (Germany).
In the foto you see him playing with Hardy Krüger (Potato Fritz). 
A great movie with fantastic locations: Almeria Top 20
Bekim Fehmiu (Capt.Kaleb) with "Dog" (a German Shepherd) relaxing on the "Deserter" Set in Spain (Rambla Indalecio) while waiting for a new call for "ACTION!".
Woody Strode - Richard Crenna ...und Crawford, den hat der Hund ausgesucht! Bekim Fehmiu
Dog - Ricardo Montalban / Rambla Indalecia
(all photos Douglas Archiv)

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